Carolynne Coulson Contemporary Art collection

My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration, they are rich in colour and hidden meaning, I love forms , colours and textures that hint at meaning and yet allow my eyes to dance across the painting and my mind to run free.

Layers are of prime importance to my work, figures and narratives appear and disappear during the process, I not only enjoy discovering these stories in the paint and I also perversely enjoy hiding them either partially or entirely, so that only I know and may see the trace of the hidden meaning. Ideally leaving some part behind that hints at a meaning but allows the viewer to bring their own story to a painting, to interpret the forms and elements into a meaning individual to them is what I aim for.

I have an honours degree in fine art and a masters in creative multimedia and love to create imagery in both traditional and digital formats and sometimes a melding of both together.

Carolynne Coulson Contemporary Art