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Mix & match your CUMBIA Cuffs every day, everywhere and in every way! We believe in the beauty of life and try to capture glimpses of it through our various designs and in the form of positive messages on our CUMBIA Cuffs. We hope that together, we can keep spreading love, inspiration & good vibes.


· Width: 0.8 cm
· Length: 14 cm
· Thickness: 0.2 cm
· Opening on back: 3 cm

*Cuffs are adjustable.
Fits most adult wrists.

Cuff base is made in bronze, covered with a thin middle layer of nickel for shiny finish, and finally plated with gold. A special transparent varnish coat is placed on top for additional protection.

In order to protect and prolong cuff's life, store on its own and avoid contact with lotion, perfumes or other liquids.
Our cuffs are hallmarked with our logo, without any fill color, in a small proportion, on the right hand side.


Our cuffs are charged with a little magic!.. When making them, we place positive intentions for those who will carry them. The engraved messages are positive, fun and loving in nature, making them the perfect accessory to brighten your every day or the perfect gift for someone super special !!

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