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In 1993, my mother Angie & I began hand painting table mats to sell at a local art event held each year during the Arundel festival known as the 'Gallery Trail'. Due to the popularity of the product, we decided to try our luck and see if we could have similar success selling our mats at trade shows.

We were delighted to discover that they were to sell just as well to the trade as they were to the general public. However, our euphoria was fairly short lived as we found that we were a slave to our painting stations. Now, I say 'we' but my mother would have a fit and rightly point out that it was in fact me! I was 20 at the time and had far more important things to be doing than hand painting table mats each and every day & I made the decision to stop - a decision I went on to hugely regret!

At this point, my father's business was over run with work and he needed extra help. I would help him when he needed it from time to time which seemed to be more and more often until I seemed to slip into working for him full time. This was to last for 18 years in fact!

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