Butterflies; Nature And Technology

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This inimitable work of art is from Mariya Slonim's Nature and Technology Collection.


Butterfies, 2014

Oil on Canvas

20" x 16"

Mariya Slonim happily welcomes commissioned work, if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please contact info@mslonim.com.

Artist Profile:

At the heart of my work is a desire to create a better, more harmonious reality while giving the viewer a fresh perspective into the ordinary. Over the course of my career, my artwork has gone through several transformations both stylistically and thematically. From the still lifes and landscapes that I painted as a child, I moved on to theatrical compositions of clowns and masks, then to abstract expressionism and to De Stijl, and finally back to realism. As I have become older and more patient, I have wanted to focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of my work. It is now my sole intention to create beautiful, carefully crafted objects of art that can be treasured and admired for years. I choose to work in the tradition of the Great Masters because their work is characterised by extreme technical skill and boundless beauty, which has preserved this style's relevance and veneration through the centuries. Growing up in St Petersburg, Russia provided exposure to the classical arts that has served as a foundation for the lifelong passion I have for painting and drawing. Reflected in my paintings is my strong appreciation for the Renaissance period due to the fact that, while this era's style appears to strive for accurate depiction, it actually subscribes to a very particular aesthetic that emphasises harmony and beauty over realism. While I enjoy working on traditional themes, in my latest Nature and Technology series of still lifes, I want to question our coexistence with nature; to bring a touch of modernity into the composition with a bit of playfulness and a touch of double meaning. To me, still lifes open up the possibility for infinite arrangement, selection and manipulation of both the reality at hand and the formal elements of painting:colour, form, and composition through which the application of aesthetic and skill can be perfected.

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