Chimney Cap Vase

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For centuries chimney pots have stood plumb and proud upon our rooftops, dutifully ventilating the fiery hearts of our urban dwellings.

Since their first known manifestation, as far back as 1185 AD, chimneys were cast from materials such as wood, plaster and mud. StolenForm has revisited these early production materials and methods and, using hand-made plaster moulds, has produced a testament to the chimneys of old, with a contemporary and minimalist finish.

Cast in earthenware ceramic, and available in various colour glazes, the Chimney Cap Vase is a sturdy and attractive vessel, capable of hosting even the most abundant of bouquets.

Material: Earthenware Ceramic

Finish: white

Dimensions: 280mm (H) x 270mm (W)

Weight: 3 kg

Capacity: 10 L

Water Resistant

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