Microfibre Beach Travel And Swim Towel With Bag

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EYE CATCHING: Beautiful retro cabana design in 6 vivid colours and a custom designed cotton pouch.

LIGHTWEIGHT & QUICK DRY: Weighs 50% less than equivalent cotton products, yet super absorbent and quick drying. This towel won't be taking up valuable bag space and comes with a handy elastic hook when hanging out to dry

SAND ME DOWN: Due to their awesome material, with a little shake, these towels will throw any sand right off if relaxing on the beach

DOUBLE TROUBLE: We've designed our pouch so that it doubles as a handy little bag when using your towel - great for phones, wallets, sunglasses - whatever you need it for really. Packed in the pouch, the Extra Large is 25x14cm (420 grams) and Large is 21x13cm (300 grams) - small in the pouch, big in the towel!

TAKE ME ANYWHERE: The stats are compelling. Bigger. Lighter. Thicker. We've always thought our towel looks best during your travels on a beautiful beach but that's not stopping you taking it on a quick gym or swimming trip or even a relaxing yoga session, anything goes. Truly an exceptional beach & travel towel, see for yourself!

- Honesty is the best policy. And microfibre is not cotton. It's microfibre!
- Microfibre feels different, so naturally you will dry yourself differently
- Change can be great and you'll quickly get used to the feel of microfibre, as well as all the benefits
- Still unsure? That's ok! Please get in touch, we'd be glad to talk more about it!

Created By Dock and Bay.

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