Temminck’s Tragopan Velvet Cushion

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Create drama with a bright red velvet cushion or two. Inspired by a spotted bird feather, this unique and vibrant pattern will make your sofa feel special.

Turn the cushion over for a three-dimensional interpretation of the pattern on the front, picking up the blues and greens, placed on a plain red background.

The Temminck's Tragopan is a friendly and curious bird that only displays aggressive behaviour during breeding season. The male of this species of pheasant unfurls a striking blue wattle and inflates a pair of 'horns' for its courtship display. It is found in high altitudes in the Eastern Himalayas, Southern Tibet and Burma.

Designed by Anjali Hood, whose designs are inspired by birds and feather patterns. The collection helps BirdLife International, funding the conservation of birds.


Material- Cotton Velvet

Dimensions- 51cm square

Pad- 100% Duck Feather

Delivery: Please allow up to 4 weeks for this Bespoke cushion to be created and delivered.

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