Going Elsewhere

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A large 36 x 48 x 1.5 inches semi abstract original oil painting of a winter landscape. Two crows fly high above the winter trees and the rookery below them. Through the trees can be seen frosty fields, a river, hills and maybe the sea or a lake beyond. The trees have the suggestion of magnolia or other pink blossom on them. The crows are not quite of this world and the entire landscape shimmers and seems to dissolve slightly as you look at it. It was painted after walking along the South Downs near Kingston. Crows are constant companions when you walk in England. Almost as if they are keeping an eye on you. I am fond of them but also find them quite mysterious. It would not surprise me if they can flip from one dimension to another - hence the title of the painting. Deep edge canvas, edges white, frame not needed.

  • One of a kind
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