Print On Canvas - Scarlet In The Wildwood

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A painting of an ancient green wood. A scarlet bird fly's below the tree tops and is very noticeable with his red feathers against the large expanse of green. The use of very thick paint on the tree trunks gives a lovely textured 3D effect and as you look up through trees you see a circle of birds high in the sky through he canopy. The entire painting is painted in shades of green except for the little bird who is wondering what he will do if something tries to chase him. He cannot hide. The inspiration for this painting was simply an urge to paint some green trees and the red bird was added to break up the green as he weaves his mysterious way through the wyldwood. The edges of the painting are dark green - frame not necessary. I find it interesting that nature would make a bird this colour - surely he is very vulnerable? No doubt why he is the model for the angry bird.

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