Ushers of the Night

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A very large 48 x 48 x 1.5 inches original oil landscape painting on canvas. It is colourful, semi abstract and expressionist in style. Among the trees and a setting sun, three ravens are flying. They are the watchers in the woods. What I wanted to capture in this painting was that fleeting moment when the trees and sky and ravens all begin merging into one just before going dark. The painting was inspired by the ravens in a rookery near where I live. I often walk through their little patch of forest and feel they are watching and commenting on my progress - not in a sinister way but simply in their capacity as observers. In folklore they are often depicted as messengers for spirits or ushers to other realms and I can see how that came about. Painted in thick glossy paint on deep edge canvas, edges white, no frame necessary.

  • One of a kind
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